The IN*VISION is a intersectional seminar and festival. our concern is to think anti-racist, decolonial and queer-feminist struggles together.

the IN*VISION has taken place 5 times so far, most recently in 2021.
A new Edition is not planed before 2024.

Meanwhile you can click here to have a look at the beautiful photos of IN*VISION 2021 shot by Jasmin Valcarcel. <3

All info on the Homepage is related to 2021.

The Latest

Referent*in #66 - Helen Omari West

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Helen says about Helen: I work primarily as a professional dancer and dance teacher. However, I would rather see my life's work in helping other people in their current life situation and to accompany and support them in your development mentally and physically. I am currently furthering my education in the medical and psychological fields, among others, and would like to integrate … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #65 - Elliot und Adam

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Elliot and Adam say about themselves: Elliot Blue is a trans* non-binary filmmaker and lighting designer who makes short films about identity and utopias. Adam T. Iungman is a transgender non-binary artist and educator who made the stop-motion film "How was your day? which depicts the day of a non-binary person. Both Adam and Elliot have won several film awards for their work won … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #64 - Queerberg Collective

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Queerberg says about Queerberg: Queerberg is a collective founded by House Of Royals. We are from so far different countries and cultures. It started with Refugee performers to give them space to express their Art, since it was hard for them because of variety of reasons such as language difficulties, racism etc... As a group of refugees, we also have a deep mental connection and … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #63 - Meryhan

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Meryhan says about themselves: I am a queer, fat, non-binary Muslim with Lebanese heritage. I believe that representation matters and I use the power of my body, my words, and my life to show others that they are not alone within these structures. People from similar backgrounds as mine deserve to not feel unseen. This is their Expertise: My experience of being a marginalized person … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #62 - Natascha Anahita

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Natasha says about herself: I have been active in anti-racist feminist resistance movements for about 12 years and believe in the power of storytelling and sharing community love to heal and transform ourselves and the world. This is what she brings to the table for expertise: I do a lot of work on power relations and change processes. With a focus on privilege, power sharing and … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #61 - NAYA (Fka Lux Venérea)

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Naya says about herself: NAYA (Fka Lux Venérea) is a Comedian, Speaker, Chef, Performer, Poet, cangaceira transviada. Left the Sertão of Brazil to be a travesti*. Also left debts in the bank of Brazil and believes that sleeping alligators get turned into YT people's purses. Naya is part of the QTI*BIPoC_are recovery group. This is of special importance to her work: Ensuring that we c … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #60 - Cuso

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Cuso says about Cuso: Cuso is a non-binary activist and educational speaker. This expertise is what Cuso brings to the table: Cuso organizes in (post-)migrant groups, in the design of open spaces in the city, and a specialized center for the critique of racism. These issues are of particular concern to Cuso: Cuso works on anti-Asian racism and has a focus on abolitionist perspectives … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #59 - Abeni

invision2021 referent*innen2021

This is what Abeni says about Abeni: Honoring the centuries ongoing struggles of the ancestors, means to Abeni to continue them by questioning own entanglements, resisting and uniting. Abeni is part of Black Earth, a BIPoC Environmental & Climate Justice collective, which is centering anti-racist, queer, and ecosystem perspectives through its existence and actions. Abeni studied naturopathy, … weiterlesen ►

Referent*in #58 - Xinan Pandan

invision2021 referent*innen2021

Xinan about Xinan: Xinan is a queer non-binary neurodivergent activist, podcaster and artist from Frankfurt, Germany. Xinan deals with the topics of Mental Health, Healing, Chosen Family, Diaspora and Queerness. These are the topics Xinan deals with: The focus of Xinan's political work is on organizing community spaces where there is space to learn from each other and with each other, to recover, … weiterlesen ►