Who we are

We - the IN*VISION-Crew - are a small group of nine people who are committed to left-wing, political educational work. We are mainly organized & socialized within the Berlin Falken, who are committed to educational work with children and young people that is critical of power structures, as well as to the creation of spaces that are sensitive to discrimination.
With the IN*VISION we want to create a space where we can


Power relations in societies cause us to find ourselves in various privileged and deprivileged positions. We find it necessary to perceive and reflect on our own positioning in this and, based on this, to develop strategies for action that fight against these structural power relations. Intersectional perspectives help us to uncover interweavings between different power relations and to connect struggles in solidarity.

Our group is made up of people between the ages of 21 and 35 who are lightskinned Black, Afro-German, of Color, and white in German society. From people who position themselves as hetero and queer.
The team is partly non-binary, but is predominantly made up of people who position themselves as cis women or benefit from many cis privileges. Individuals from the group position themselves as psych-diverse, the majority as ableized. We speak German, most of us as a first language, all of us have German citizenship, some of us have several.
Among us are people with Christian socialization, no one of us positions themselves as Jewish or Muslim. Many of us have access to institutional and academic education, some of us also have university degrees.
There are people who have experienced classism as well as people who have not. One person is a caregiver for a child.
We see ourselves partly as communards, communists and radically left; political education work is our way to change society.

In the organization we are helped by many people in different fields of work, who have very different positionings and bring more perspectives to IN*VISION. If you have concrete questions about positioning within certain working groups, please feel free to contact us.

This is not all, but we would like to leave it at that for now.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!