When does the IN*VISION take place?

The IN*VISION will be 5 days long this year! It starts on Wednesday 28.08.19 at 3 pm and ends on Sunday, 01.09.19 at 5 pm. Out of respect and appreciation for our speakers/contributors/referents and organizers we ask you to participate in the entire festival, if possible – it is more sensible regarding the content and the general atmosphere.

Where will IN*VISION take place?

The IN*VISION will take place in Brandenburg, ca. 1,5 hours away from Berlin. We don‘t want to announce the specific place yet but you will receive the address, once we send you the Email with the confirmation.

How do I get there?

The location can be reached regularly by public transport. From Berlin it takes about 1.5 hours by train/bus or car. We plan meeting points for the journey and an accompanied journey with public transportation, so that everyone arrives safely at the festival.

Parking and arrival in the camping bus/caravan

There is only a limited number of parking spaces for the IN*VISION. They are located in walking distance to the festival area. We will ask you explicitly in the second registration step if you will arrive by car, so that we can estimate the capacities. Sleeping in campers or similar is only possible at the external campsite. More infos about the arrival can be found here.

Does the terrain have many barriers?

On the festival area there are different barriers. It is important to us to be transparent about them and to find ways to reduce them. More information will be available here.


We try to be aware of allergies and intolerances. However, we cannot guarantee it.

Is there food?

Full catering will be provided for all participants! The food is included in the price and will be vegan, with some vegetarian side dishes.
For each day then helpers are needed to support the cooking!

Drinks and Prices for Drinks

From breakfast until the end of the party there are two bars and a café where you can buy drinks: Coffee, sodas, beer, cocktails and long drinks. Alcohol is available only after dinner. It is important for us to offer drinks at prices that everyone can afford. You can imagine the prices like at a Späti. With the income we refinance the drinks and other expenses directly related to the bar (napkins, cocktail shakers, etc.). Please do not bring your own drinks.

Can kids come as well?

Children are very welcome and can join you at no charge (up to and incl. age 15)! We will have a kid’s space with supervised activities so that the custodians can attend the workshops. Sadly, we cannot offer further childcare for the rest of the program (especially in the evenings) and we depend on everyone to organize in solidarity. Furthermore there is an extra Program for Adolescents between 13 and 16. It is possible for them to come without custodian. More information will follow here.

Adolescents above age 16 can participate without a custodian if they are active members of the Falken Berlin. Otherwise the minimum age is 18 because of the legal duty of supervision.

Who is IN*VISION for?

People of all positionings, who are willing to engage with our contents, are welcome. This includes that all white participants agree to attend at least one of the 5 hour long Critical Whiteness Workshops during the IN*VISION Festival.

Through a quota we ensure that at least 75% of the tickets are reserved for BIPOC and that a participation is guaranteed for a majority of WLT*I*.

Where and how can I sleep?

The majority will sleep in tents, brought along themselves! There will also be some group tents with camp beds provided by us. You are also welcome to come by car or camping car. For people who cannot sleep in a tent for different reasons, there is also a house and nearby accommodation.
Here you will find more detailed information.

All details to the different accomodations can be found under location.

How much does IN*VISION cost?

In order to cover the costs, we sadly have to charge a participation fee. The standard ticket costs 75€, the reduced ticket costs 60€.

We have opened a solidarity funds, so that through a donation people with more money can enable a reduced ticket price for others.

What do you mean with positioning?

By positioning, we mean the position we have in the european context on the basis of our experience in society.

In the power relation of racism, there are positionings, which are defined under the collective term BIPoC, which are negatively affected by this power relation. White is the term for people who move through society with the experience of privileges, i.e. advantages, in this relation.

BIPoC stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

This includes all people who, through one or more parents, have ancestors from parts of the African continent, Asia and the west-asia. Their ancestors are Rom*nja, Sint*ezza, indigenous people from Australasia, North and South America, the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

Descendants of europeans who migrated to Asia, Africa or the Americas for colonial and imperialist reasons are not included.

Just like racism, sexism is a collective term for people negatively affected by racism.

FLINTA stands for females, lesbians, trans*- and inter\-persons, nonbinary people and agender people.

Cis-men, men whose sex assigned at birth matches their gender identity, benefit from sexism.

Can I bring my animal?

Unfortunately you can't bring any animals. However there are exceptions for assistance-animals.

Will there be translations?

The seminar languages are mainly German and English and we try to make all general information available in both languages.

You will soon be able to read in the workshop descriptions which workshop is offered in which language. Some offers do not require specific language skills.

We would like to offer translations, but we need your help. In the registration process you can let us know if you speak different languages yourself and can imagine offering whispered translations or sign language interpretation during individual sessions.

Will there be a retreat room?

There will be a quiet room where you can retreat when it gets too overwhelming in other places. There will also be a BIPOC only room available for all BPOC people outside of workshop hours. Also, you will be able to choose to retreat to the adjoining forest for a walk.

What about safer spaces?

Some of the workshops are only offered for people with specific positionings and thus offer the possibility of more protected spaces.

We will have gender neutral toilets and showers, as well as WLT*I*-only toilets and showers. There will also be wheelchair accessible, gender neutral toilets and showers.

How does the application proceed?

In the first step you apply on our homepage and you receive an automatically generated email with an acknowledgement of receipt (if you don’t receive an email, please let us know via email). Afterwards, you will get a notice from us within a few weeks, informing you whether we have spots left. It is possible, that you will be put on a waiting list at first. After you have received a positive email, we ask you to transfer the ticket price you have indicated in your application, only then will you receive your ticket for sure. Lastly, we will ask you for further information (allergies, if you want to participate in the Open Stage etc.), in order for us to make last preparations.

Who are the Falken Berlin ?

The IN*VISION is a project of the Falken Berlin. This means that the majority of the organizers are organized in the Falken and the Falken are the official hosts of the IN*VISION. The Falken are a children and youth association. Throughout the year we organize different events for people from 6 years on. The Falken represent a power-critical and discrimination-sensitive pedagogy and political attitude. You can find more information on the Homepage of the Falken.

Any questions left?

Write us an E-Mail.