Simple Language 2021

Welcome to the IN*VISION website.

Here we explain the IN*VISION in easy language.

The IN*VISION is a festival.
A festival is a special fest.
The festival is 5 days long.
We sleep at the festival.

There are different events on the IN*VISION.
There are for example:
Music and learning events and and sport offers.
You can take part in the events.

The IN*VISION is political.
It is anti racist.
That means:
The IN*VISION is against racist discrimination.
And supports BiPoC.

The IN*VISION is queer-feminist.
That is: against sexist discrimination.
And supports queer FLINTA.

Especially BiPoC and queer FLINTA are invited to the IN*VISION.

If you want to come to the IN*VISION.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Please write us an email.
Or call us. We will call you back.
Our e-mail address is:
Our phone number is:
00 49 15 77 88 51 99 2.


A barrier is an obstacle.
A barrier can be, for example, a step or a closed door.
Low barrier means as few barriers as possible.

BiPoC are, for example:
Black people and Asian people and Arab people.
BiPoC experience discrimination because of racism.
For example, they are treated badly at the office.
Or don't get an apartment.

A festival is a special fest.
The festival is several days.
And there are different events there.
There are for example:
Music events and lectures and working groups.
The IN*VISION is a festival.

Positioning, privileges and discrimination:
Society does not treat all people the same.
There are, for example:
Poor people and rich people.
Black people and white people.
The difficult word for the distinction is:

People's positions can be high or low.
For example, on high positions are:
White people and rich people and men.
On low positions are for example:
Black people and poor people.
And people who are not men.

People on high positions have it easier.
They get, for example:
Better work and lots of pay.
And are treated well.
The difficult word for this is:

People in low positions have it harder.
For example, they get:
Bad work and little pay.
And are treated badly.
The difficult word for this is:

The system that gives privelege to white people is called:
Racism distinguishes white people from non-white people.
The word for different non-white people is called:

Racist Discrimination:
A long time ago, white people made laws.
These laws gave white people more rights.
The difficult word for this is:
white privilege.
Non-white people had fewer rights.
The difficult word for this is:
racist discrimination.

The system that gives priveleges to men is called:
Non-male people have it harder in patriarchy.
The difficult word for this is:
sexist discrimination.
The word for non-male people is called:
FLINTA people.

Queer is a word for people.
The gender or sex of queer people is outside the norm.
The word norm comes from "normal."
For example, a norm is:
There is only male or female.
The difficult word for this is:
binary gender order.

Another norm is:
Women love only men.
And men love only women.
The difficult word for this is:
Queer people do not fulfill the norm of the binary gender order.
Or they don't fulfill the norm of hetero-sexuality.

Queer-feminism is a political view.
Queer-feminism states:
Genitals do not determine a person's gender.
This means, for example:
A person can have a vagina.
And not be a woman.

Queer-feminism says:
There are more genders than man and woman.
Persons are for example:
Woman and man at the same time.
Or not a woman and not a man either.
Queer-feminism fights for the rights of non-male people.
And for the rights of queer people.


The festival will be as barrier-free as possible.
Nevertheless, there are barriers.
Here you can see the list of barriers:

  • Spatial barriers
  • Language and translations

The festival area
On the Festival∙ grounds there is a house.
The paths in front of the house are made of stone.
The paths have many holes.
Some paths go over meadows.
There are roots on the meadows.
The difficult word for roots and holes in paths is:
We prevent unevenness with rubber mats.

Here you will soon see photos of the condition of the paths:

In the house and on the grounds there are low-barrier showers and toilets.

**Overnight stay
We can camp on meadows.
The meadows are on the Fest∙ grounds.
Or at the campground.
There are many buses going to the campground.

There is a house on the festival grounds.
There are rooms in the House.
Some people can't sleep in the tent.
For example: Because they have back problems.
Or because they are in a wheelchair.
These people sleep in the rooms in the House.