Awarenessconept 2021

To be aware, to inform oneself, to be sensible to certain problems.

In order to make the IN*VISION a wonderful experience for all of us and to make sure that nobody feels uncomfortable, we want to raise awareness for an attentive and conscious approach. Sexism, racism, ableism, heterosexism and any other form of discrimination have no place here! In order to live up to our claim as an intersectional event, we have taken care to put together an awareness team of people with different positionings. 

At our festival a lot of unique people with different life orientations, experiences and stories will come together.

In order for everyone to feel comfortable, we need to reflect on our own positionings and privileges and draw conclusions from them: for dealing with others and for our behaviour at the venue.

This process is part of our awareness concept.

We ask you all to support and realize our awareness concept:

There will always be contact persons on the site who can be recognized by their purple vests. These people are available around the clock and are there for you. Two to four people can always be found at the info point at the entrance and on the premises. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain situation or with individual persons or if you want to report discriminatory behaviour, you will find support there. If you can't find the Awareness Team in that moment, contact the bar or the info point or call the telephone numbers on the notice boards at any time. 

We are not hypersensitive, but critical of power structures! We want to reduce hierarchies and will not tolerate: 

  • Groping → Hair, butt or breasts - leave your hands with you! 
  • Naked bodies of cis-men 
  • Uniforms and camouflage clothing 
  • Unasked photos → respects the privacy and security of others! 
  • cultural appropriations, such as: Kimonos, Pottus, Warbonnets, "Afro"-wigs, Locs on white people etc. 

As an awareness team and IN*VISION crew, we work with the concept of definatory power and partisanship. This means that we take the statements of those affected seriously and support them - in the event of a conflict, we will not shy away from expelling offenders from the location.

Take care of each other! 

Rather speak up once too often than looking the other way!