low-barrier sleeping possibilities

In the tent on the sleeping meadows

The majority of the participants will spend the night in one of the tent meadows, which are either on the festival grounds themselves or can be reached by our shuttle buses.

In a room in the external seminar house

For people who cannot camp for various reasons, there will be the possibility to stay in a room.
These will either be 1-3 bed rooms in the external seminar house (about 8min by car from the site). However, the external seminar house is not barrier-free in the sense of wheelchair accessible. The upper floors can only be reached via stairs with many steps and there are no elevators.
In the small house, however, there are dormitories on the ground floor with bathrooms on the same floor, which are accessible via a step. The step can be bridged with a ramp.

In a barrier-free pension room.

We have reserved rooms in nearby boarding houses. Some of them are at ground level and some are explicitly barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. There are single and double rooms. As a participant, you will stay here with the speakers and can use the speakers' shuttle. If required, please select the option "low barrier room" in the second registration step. You will receive the link to the second registration step with the registration confirmation by mail.