Our motto this year is "shaping.remembrance.intersectionally." and as always, our concern is to think anti-racist, decolonial and queer-feminist struggles together. This time, one of the things we want to do is create a space in which we engage with the political practice of remembering. One aspect of this is to connect histories of resistance and our political struggles today.

What can we learn from political struggles that have come before us?
It is our concern to look back, to reminisce and to embrace political practices that have been worked out before us and that have proven to be helpful and from which we can learn. We also want to create an exchange between different generations of political activists and connect existing knowledge with current movements. In different ways, all content-related offers at the IN*VISION will be under this theme.

Concept of the IN*VISION

This year's IN*VISION will again offer a space to deal with topics related to intersectional power and discrimination relations. As always, you will find out who will be there with which topics bit by bit during the current months.

There will be different safe spaces as well as empowerment spaces for different marginalizations and intersections. Additionally, we want to create spaces and places for self-reflection and networking.

Basically, our festival is open to all people who feel like engaging politically with our concerns. At the same time, we have agreed on the quota according to which at least 75% of the participants must consider themselves "affected by racism". Thus, when registering participants, we want to make sure that the voices of non-white people form the majority. We also make sure that a majority of women, lesbians, trans*, inter*, non-binary and agender people are given the opportunity to register.

We are aware that we cannot create a space that is free of racisms, sexisms and other forms of discrimination - because unfortunately there is no such thing as a counter-world experience in the existing conditions. Since we still want to try, there will be an awareness team at the IN*VISION, which will be approachable for all participants.