Referent*in - Aaliyah Bah-Traoré

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Aaliyah Bah-Traoré works as a political speaker, moderator and empowerment trainer. On her Instagramaccount aaliyah_adeyemi she reports on her experiences as a Black Muslima in Germany and gives advice on how margnalized people can empower themselves in racist situations. When it comes to topics such as racism, capitalism, imperialism, (neo)colonialism and a false understanding of intersectional … weiterlesen ►

Acts - Mc Josh & Jacky Rose

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On stage this time Mc Josh & Jacky Rose from Berlin. They do German Rap/Soul and are a duo since 2009. Make socially critical lyrics. Videos: Links Webseiten: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: https … weiterlesen ►


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celebrate black womxn with different backgrounds. The collective was founded by Viennese born and raised Elisabeth Mtasa & Enyonam Tetteh-Klu, together with their Resident DJs, Tonica Hunter & Tmnit Ghide, Resident MC, Tanya Moyo, they want to throw parties that includes every person, no matter their skin color, sex & sexuality. Growing up as young black womxn in predominantly white … weiterlesen ►

Acts - Mr. Biatch*

invision 2019 acts 2019

Mr. Biatch* loves music and especially dancing to it. Rooted in Jazz and Hip Hop, Mr. Biatch* hardly appreciates anything as much as a tight sound, carried by beats and interesting arrangements, whose groove hits the body and soul and never lets go. As Toni Morrison described it for the literature, Mr. Biatch* often missed this interaction at parties and after a few friends were still looking for … weiterlesen ►

Acts - mandhla.

invision 2019 acts 2019

Mandhla. is a 22 year old trans-feminine gender non-comforming body from Zimbabwe, Africa. As a current resident in Koln, she brings a blend of experimental R&B and Soul music intertwined with visual projections and performative dancing. Her music speaks of the daily trials that Trans*, enby and femme* immigrant bodies experience daily with love, identity, sex and acceptance. A strong lover … weiterlesen ►

Acts - Ford Kelly

invision 2019 acts 2019

Ford Kelly has a multi-tool kit of creative talents weaving their time between art, music, design and organising. Whether it be illustrations and design, fashion design and editing or community organising and djing they have a passion for all things d.i.y. As a DJ they play a mix of Afrobeats Hiphop and dancehall and all the music to make you whine n grind!!! This Berlin based dj will bring a … weiterlesen ►

Acts - Sooma & Dede

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Juba is a Berlin based dj from London, whose love of different types of African and African diasporic music leads her to focus afrobeats, Gqom, kuduro, afrohouse and highlife music. She is part of the Boko Boko dj collective and plays at and organises club nights and events across London and Europe. Her sets are always upbeat, lively and varied and her love for music and dance always comes … weiterlesen ►

Acts - DJ Hengameh

invision 2019 acts 2019

DJ Hengameh , previously known as kos_mic q'andi, sees the dancefloor as a utopian space in times of dystopian politics. Musically DJ Hengameh brings together different genres like Kanak Pop, Hiphop, R&B, Dancehall, Eurodance and Club-Sounds, whereby the music style does not play a primary role in the selection. We are happy to have Hengameh at IN*VISION! weiterlesen ►

Acts - Lúcia Lu

invision 2019 acts 2019

Lúcia Luciano is the co-founder of hoe__mies, who feels originally at home in the techno and house scene. For Hoe__mies she just started spinning again and will play her favorites from the early 2000s, as well as tunes related to her African/Portuguese roots. We are happy to have Lúcia at IN*VISION! weiterlesen ►