Camping Meadow on Festival Main Area

Large camping meadow (camping meadow 1)

The large camping meadow is about 1 minute away from the seminar house and extends over a level meadow at the end of the festival area. The path to it is behind the seminar house and is sloping and not barrier-free. Due to the sloping location and the greater distance from the main site, the camping meadow is rather quiet and is less affected by possible noise from the festival. There is space for about 200 people on the large camping meadow. Please set up your tents in such a way that the space is used as well as possible and that people arriving later still find enough space for their tents.
Please note, that you need to be quite from midnight on.

Family& Crew Camping (Camping meadow 1°)

The camping area for Family & Crew is located on a meadow between the seminar house and the large tent meadow. There is room for approximately 50 people in the camping area. Access to the camping area is via a narrow path and is not barrier free. This small tent meadow is closer to the toilets and the rest of the festival area, as well as the Kids- and YouthSpace. Here is a night rest from 22 clock.

near camping meadow (Camping meadow 4)

Close to the festival area (2 minutes by foot) there is another small camping meadow. This one is very quiet but still quite close. This meadow is only open for helpers.