Referent*in #8 Wopana

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This is what Wopana says about Wopana :

I am Wopana and I have been working in critical racism and intersectional education work as an educator and activist for many years. I also enjoy writing passionate poetry texts. Creating spaces with Black, Afrodiasporic, and African people is especially important to me.

Wopana deals with these issues a lot:

Afro Hair Politics, Deconstructing Western Ideals of Beauty and Politicizing Black Bodies, Colorism, Empowerment Work with BI*PoC, Antira Awareness Trainings, and Creative Writing/Rap Text Production.

As a speaker, Wopana is important:

That together we create Saf(er) Spaces where we are mindful of each other and our biographies, emotions and life realities.

You can find Wopana on Instragram: @black_is_excellence

We are so excited to have Wopana join us at IN*VISION 2021!