Referent*in #57 - Chepita

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This is what Chepita says about herself:

My name is Chepita (she/they) and I am part of the Casa Kuà collective. I come from a lineage of curanderas (healers) who have used their knowledge for the benefit of their community. My goal is to use it as a tool for our liberation.

This is where Chepita's expertise lies:

The practice of caring, especially through food, has been very important in my journey. I believe that what we eat and the processes that occur in relation to food can make us healthy. For me, it is important to recover this knowledge that has been preserved and passed down through generations despite all efforts to eliminate it. That is why I work with plants, because they are the living carriers of ancestral knowledge, memories, experiences and messages.

You can find Chepita on Instagram here: @txepetite