Who we are

We - the IN*VISION crew - are a small group of people who are committed to left-wing political education. We are partly organized and socialized at the Berliner Falken, who are committed to an educational work with children and young people that is critical of the ruling class, as well as to the creation of spaces that are sensible towards discrimination.

With IN*VISION we want to create a space in which we can fight for utopias intersectionally.

The power relations in societies cause that we experience ourselves in different privileged and deprivileged realities. We find it necessary to recognize our own positionings, to reflect on it and to develop strategies for action, which fight against these power relations, so that we can realize our utopias step by step.

Our group consists of people between the ages of 18 and 35 who move in German society as Black, migrant, of Color and white. From people who position themselves as hetera/-o, bi and queer. The team is partly gender queer and partly non-binary, but consists mainly of cis-female and a few cis-male people. In addition, we are all ableized, with individuals who define themselves as psychologically diverse. We speak German, most of us as our first language.

Among us are people with muslim and christian backgrounds, but none of us are particularly religious. Nobody in the crew carries responsibility for younger people. Not everyone has access to institutional and academic education.

That doesn't mean everything has been said, but we would like to leave it at that. If you still have questions, please contact us!