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The IN*VISION is an anti-racist and feminist seminar&festival with a focus on connecting with eachother, learning about new perspectives, and empowering and beautiful experiences.

We want IN*VISION 2021 to be a place where the perspectives of people who experience exclusion due to racisms and sexisms are central. Through a quota, we want to ensure that these people are the majority at the festival.

All people are welcome who want to engage with our content. Because we all bring very different experiences, it is important to us that everyone behaves mindfully and is willing to learn.

Please read the FAQ's before you sign up.

If you need assistance filling out the form, feel free to contact us via mail and we can arrange a phone call, for example.

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Why? You can find an explanation and specification of all terminologies here. The possibilities to choose from below do not represent self-definitions. Please add your self-definitions and further information in the text field.


Children up to the age of 16 can participate for free!



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We know that everybody has different financial means, so we offer different price categories for the tickets. The ticket price includes all activities and meals!

Solidarity Fund

In addition to the normal price, I can pay the amount mentioned below into the solidarity fund. This will enable reduced prices for other participants! If you can't afford the reduced ticket, please let us know here what you can pay.

Please tell us here when you will arrive and depart. The first regular arrival is on Wednesday, September 8th (start of the event). Arriving before September 8th is not possible for regular participants!
Out of appreciation for speakers and organizers we would like to ask you to participate the whole time of the event! We offer common, accompanied arrival/departure possibilities, so that all participants can arrive safely.



only together!

Please inform us if you are applying with someone without whom you would not participate at IN*VISION. Each adult must apply individually!

Means of transportation

Sleeping Preferences

The IN*VISION is based on you sleeping in your own tents. For people for whom this is not possible, we offer other sleeping options (at no extra charge). However, these are very limited! You can find more information here.

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