Who are we?

We – the in*vision-Crew – are a small group of people engaged in left-wing political educational work. We are partially organized and socialized at the “Berliner Falken”, who are committed to anti-oppressive educational work with children and adolescents and enabling the formation of open spaces. The in*vision is a self-determined space, in which we –

think feminism intersectionally-

The focus of the in*vision lays on feminist and anti-racist fights. The power structures in societies effect a disparity of privileges. We think it is essential to be aware of and reflect on the own positioning in these power relations and from that, develop strategies to fight existing inequalities.

As the organizing team, we have various social positionings and know that it might be important for you to get more insight about us. Our group consists of people who are Black, POC and white and position themselves as hetera, hetero, bi and non-hetera. We are all ableized, mostly cis-women and a few cis-men. Our native tongue is German.

With this, not everything is named, but for now let’s leave it at that. If you have any questions, please write us!