What's the IN*VISION?


Actually, the IN*VISION is only every two years, but to shorten your wait we are happy to announce the IN*VISION SUMMER EDITION SPECIAL. We invite you to bring your tents, so we can enjoy a weekend full of interesting workshops, vivid discussions, dancing and time to connect. The IN*VISION offers you space to know more about black historiography, postcolonialism, critical whiteness and intersectional relations of power and discrimination. Furthermore, for non-white people who experience racism, there will be BPOC-only activities as a form of empowerment.

At in*vision you will have the appropriate time and space to engage in the topics you usually might not have time for.

We put great emphasis on inviting Black Women* and Women* of Color for the acts and workshops. Our goal is to create a space in which the voices of Women* of Color are in the spotlight. Regarding the registration of the participants, we watch out that it will not be a predominantly white festival, to prevent discussions in a white majority-owned context.

We are aware that we cannot create a space free of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, because there is no such thing as a complete safe space in most circumstances. Nevertheless, we will try to do so by providing an Awareness-Team, which will be approachable for every IN*VISION-participant.