Getting there together!

It is not safe for everybody to travel through Brandenburg on their own. Especially for Black people, PoC and anti-fascists, travelling to certain regions become unpleasant or even dangerous, because racist and right-wing attitudes, assaults and violence unfortunately still are commonly experienced in Germany.
It is important that all participants, speakers and artists have a safe journey to and from the festival!
That is why we organize joint, accompanied arrivals and departures.

  • Accompanied by people from our Crew, who function as protection and are prepared to react in precarious situations
  • Joint, because we travel much safer in a bigger group

Kuhlmühle is located off the beaten track and there are only few opportunities to travel with public transportation, which is why we have a limited amount of joint travels.
In the registration, you can decide between the listed options below for arrivals and departures.
If some of you come by car and could give other people a ride, we would be very happy! Also in this case, please inform us when you are going to arrive and depart at/from the festival ground.
If none of the given options of joint arrivals/departures fits you (and you don’t come by car), please inform us very soon for further agreements.
We want to remind you that the in*vision is starting on a Thursday (31.08.) at 15:00 and ends on a Sunday (03.09.) also at 15:00. To show appreciation towards the speakers, acts and organizing people, we ask you to preferably meet the given times- not only does it make sense content-related, but also it creates a nicer atmosphere for everybody!