When will IN*VISION 2017 happen?

31.08. // 15 Uhr bis 03.09. // 15 Uhr

Where will IN*VISION take place?

This year the IN*VISION will take place on the wonderful (camping ground) area of Coolmühle e.V. in Brandenburg, next to a lake and scenic landscapes.

How do I get there?

There will be a collective arrival and departure to/from the festival. Read more!

Do I have to bring my own food?

No. The wonderful crew of Food4Action will be providing us with a full board of vegan meals. We're searching for each of the days for people who would help in the kitchen, supporting the crew!

Where do I sleep?

We will all be sleeping in tents. There is also a house, (the old hotel) with available bedrooms. So if there should be any reason, why camping is not an option for you, let us know!

Can I bring children?

Children are very welcome and can join the festival for free! We will try to provide a child care service. Otherwise, we are dependent on the solidary organisation of everyone!
more information here

How much will it cost?

The participation fee is 45€ for members of the Berlin Falken and 50€ for non-members - all meals included. If you are able to pay more for the "Solifonds" please let us know – so that we are able to financially support other participants, who otherwise would not be able to afford the fee. If you need financal support yourself, make sure to contact us!
more information about the solidarity fund

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately you cannot bring any animals to in*vision.

Will there be translations?

The seminars will be mainly hold in german, though some lectures and workshops will also be hold in english. From the (soon to be published) workshop-descriptions, you will be able to find out which workshop is gonna be in which language. If you speak multiple languages and would consider to provide (whisper-)translations for other participants, that would be awesome.

Who can participate? Will there be safe spaces?

The in*vision is open for everyone, that wants to deal with our political concerns. That means that everybody can sign up.
However we in particular want to create a room in a safe atmosphere for Black people and people of colour for education, exchange and networking. That is why in the registration we pay attention that the quantity of white participants does not make up the majority. We'll inform white participants if they therefore may be on the waitlist.

Is there an concept on Awareness?

There are certain things that matter if we want to have a good time together.
Please check out our Awareness Concept. If there are any questions don't hesitate to contact us.