To be aware of and to inform yourself about certain issues. We want the invision to be a lovely experience for everyone, so we try to sensibilize for attentive and conscious interactions. Sexism, racism, ableism, homo- and transphobia and all forms of discrimination are not tolerated with us. To fulfill our aspirations as an intersectional event, we will have an awareness-team consisting of Women who position themselves diversely. Many unique people with different ways of life, experiences and stories will come together. We believe this diversity is important. It is essential to be aware of the own positioning and open towards other positionings, so that everybody can be comfortable.
This consciousness is part of our awareness concept and we ask you all to support this matter.
There are going to be contact people marked with a big A’ on their backs. These people will be available 24/7, if you have any questions or problems concerning your well-being. If you can’t find any contact people, please turn to the staff at the bar/café. They will know who to contact. Additionally, there will be consultation hours from 5 - 6p.m. and on Sunday from 2 – 3p.m.

in addition to the concept

So far it was phrased as part of our awareness-concept, that we are not down with naked bodies of Cis-Men, military-style clothing (camouflage) and cultural appropriation by things as Rastas, Braids,..
We want and need to differ from this position now or want to improve our phrasing.

For us it's still important, that in*vision is a space, where we handle power-relations in a critical way. As a event location we've chosen this year the area of the organisation Coolmühle e. V.
Coolmühle is a community, which constitutes a countryside-project close to Wittstock. As a big group of people with different positioning, they live, work and discuss their matters here. Coolmühle doesn't understand itself as an explicitly political project. Nevertheless they create on their tract of land a little bit more liberated space, differing from the disgrace of the outside world. They're open to everybody willing to bring sth. in and particpate. Inside thois framework they support initiatives, which speak out against any form of discrimination and exclusion.

Therefore for events on their land it's important to them, that exactly this agenda and principles are meat. Coolmühle as a community advocates for diversity and welcomes the collective discussion, which excludes nobody for his outward appearance.
This contradicts our phrases we chose in the first place in so far as we declared, that white people witch dreadlocks, military-style fashion (camouflage) are not welcome.

But the invision festival is supposed to be a place, where everybody is welcome, who's willing to deal with our cause of a fight for a society free from domination. In the framework of this seminar&festival the focus is on the criticism of Racism and Sexism. Hence it's important for us, that expecially at the invision a anti-racist and anti-sexist attitude and action are the benchmark for a respectful and sensitive behaviour of all attendees.

We want to create spaces, which are inviting for exchange and reflection regarding contents and actions. Nevertheless we stick to the plan, that there will be workshops, which are offered exclusively for Black people and People of Colour. This originates our cause to create spaces, where there can happen a safer exchange, without the need to fear, that experiences of discrimination in society are repeated.
The latter we desire for the whole festival.

The phrasing “wir haben keinen bock auf...” [we're not down with...], was intended to point out, that there are certain symbols and actions, which are full of meaning and debated about in a controversial way.

We often can't see at first glance, which political attitudes they stand for. But we can indeed take care to use a thoughtful and cautious language, which is open for hints and suggestions. In order to support, that there's no violation or reminding on past injuring situations, we wanted and still want to ask you to abstain for this short time from such symbols or actions. Simply in recognition of the fact, that it expresses more, than your personal affection or attitude and can be harmfull to others or a trigger for unnecessary heated debates, which prevent a deep content regarding argument.

In no way we want to discriminate groups of people, but rather want to create a space where as much people as possible feel well.
The Awareness-Team got the task to assist you with every negotiation process for situations, which happen to be difficult and invasive to your borders, in order to make a nice festival possible for all of you.
We keep on welcoming everybody and we're looking forward to an open, critical and aware festival on the area of the community Coolmühle e. V. together with you!


Because of how the area is built, it was impossible to create an obstacle free space in the house and on the terrain. Which is why we ask you to please look out for the other participants. Before you are going to help somebody, please ask them.
There will also be language barriers, which is why tried to translate every text into English. But still we are dependent on your help, for example with whisper translations.