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Here's some additional information, you'll find the registration form below.

  • The in*vision summer edition 2017 will take place from the 31st of august to the 3rd of september in Kuhlmühle in Branbenburg, close to Wittstock.
  • Starts thursday 3 pm // Ends sunday 3 pm – We ask you to stay for the whole event (all days) – out of respect for our speakers and the organisation-crew. Also, this way you'll get the most out of it!
  • The seminars will be mainly hold in german, though some lectures and workshops will be hold in english. But of course everybody is welcome – and there is plenty to participate in that you don't need any specific language skills for.
  • Please bring your own camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, camping mats etc.
  • The registration deadline is July 19th 2017.
    You'll recieve a confirmation of registration within 14 days after your registration. The registration is effectual when we receive your payment.
  • Important: Unfortunately, the festival ground where the IN*VISION will take place is not barrier free. If you have any questions regarding this – please let us know!

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As we don't want the IN*VISION festival to become a space dominated by Whites, we ask you to position yourself. Everyone who is not sure about their positioning in the racist power dynamics or does not know the terms, please inform yourself, e.g. on the our site. Of course, the three options below do not represent all self-definitions that exist. If you do not feel represented, please feel free to add something in the textfield.

Getting there

It is important for us to provide a secure arrival to and departure from the festival! Our concept is to organize collective, accompanied journeys for everybody. Accompanied, because on all trips there's prepared people from our crew; collective, because we travel more secure as a big group, caring for each other. [READ MORE]



The participation fee is 45€ for members of Berliner Falken or 50€ for non-members - all meals included. If you are able to pay more for the "Solifonds" please let us know – so that we are able to financially support other participants. If you need financal support, contact us!
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If you need translation into a certain language or if you're able to provide translations, please feel free to tell us!


If you want to bring your children (it's free!), please register them here and tell us their age:

Open Stage

if you want to perform at Open Stage on Saturday (poetry, music, performance etc.), please tell us:

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